Chauffeur Car Hire

When planning a special occasion or even when in need of some luxury in your life car hire can be daunting. Choosing a car, finding the best price and the most suitable drive options for your event, it tends to be something that people put off to the last minute, however at Individual Car Hire we take pride in our ability to help customers make the best choices for their individual needs and with our chauffeur car hire packages we can provide the best drive options possible when it comes to any occasion.

Sit back and Relax

With Chauffeur car hire you have the chance to really sit back and relax. This is just what you need on your wedding day for instance when you have been panicking about everything for months. Once the big day is here, you are looking beautiful and you need to get to the venue on time the last thing you need is to think about driving. Our chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead will provide you with the most professional of drivers who will get you to the church on time, or wherever it is your loved one awaits, and do it with serious style which will look great on those photos.

Keep your mind focussed on the things that matter

A big business meeting beckons, or a conference is on the horizon and you need time to get yourself together before it? Don’t worry about getting there, our chauffeurs will get you to your destination with time to spare and you can concentrate on the important tasks at hand. You can practise your speech or finish that presentation in the back of our Mercedes E63 AMG or BMW M5 without worrying about the traffic or driving at all.

Turn heads at prom

Sixth form and high school Proms are all the rage these days and they provide the perfect excuse for teenagers to show off their individual style. Of course when it comes to travel arrangements a lot of them don’t want to just rock up in mum or dads everyday family car but haven’t got access to much else due to a lack of driving license. At Individual Car Hire we have found the perfect solution to be chauffeur car hire as this allows them to match their style with their dream car, turn heads upon arrival and in some cases share the drive with their friends. For the head boy who wants to arrive with all the attention on him there could be the Ferrari 458, and the queen bee who wants to arrive with friends would love the Rolls Royce Phantom. Our chauffeurs will ensure the drive is completely safe for your little boy or girl and deliver them back home afterwards so you don’t have to worry.

At Individual Car Hire we choose our drivers carefully as the safety of our customers is always the first port of call. We can provide drivers and vehicles no matter where you are in the country and you are able to take out chauffeur car hire anywhere from Newcastle to Birmingham, and anywhere further afield.


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