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Mercedes E-Class Convertible

The Mercedes-Benz name is synonymous with excellence. The brand’s badge is instantly recognisable and in the Mercedes E-Class Convertible, you will be too. This Mercedes will offer you the chance to feel the wind in your hair as you drive through the city street and give the impression of the success you have obviously worked for. The E-Class convertible gives that extra touch of excitement to the E-Class sedans, coupes and wagons and comes complete with refined interiors for that extra touch of comfort for your drive. Whether its comfort or class you require from your vehicle, Individual Car Hire can provide this sensation by offering you the Mercedes E-Class Convertible to drive away today.

Mercedes E350 Convertible – acclaimed for its class and comfort

Functionality, class and comfort are what stands out for so many when it comes to the Mercedes E-Class Convertible. Not only will you be treated to a smooth, dynamic drive but you will be able to carry that drive out in complete relaxation. One of the best features of the E-Class Convertible from a practical point of view is its spacious interior, making it the perfect vehicle when you need to carry extra materials for the presentation you have to carry out to that potential client, or when carrying extra luggage for a two week stay at the family cabin in the Lake District.


At Individual Car Hire we take our clients’ needs very seriously and will try our hardest to team the right car with the right client. The Mercedes E-Class does make this very easy due to its dynamic nature because it really can be used for any occasion. It’s drop top roof allow it to be jazzed up for a wedding or school prom, and its style and class ensure that the right impression is made for business meetings, while its space and practicality make it perfect for a family trip. There is scope for the hire to include chauffeur should one be needed, but they vehicle comes as a self-drive too, delivered straight to your door from our Midlands depot.

Key Features of the Mercedes E-Class Convertible

The Mercedes brand has a reputation as the car to show off success due to its quality and functionality. The brand’s cars look great but they also drive brilliantly and that is why this reputation has come about. It is a market leader for executive vehicles and with its drop top roof the E-Class Convertible adds that smidgen of originality to your drive.

Other key features of this piece of elegance include:
• Dynamic arrow-shaped nose
• Twin square exhausts
• Partial LED headlamps
• Driving Assistance inc Brake Assist with Junction Assist
• COMAND Online system and Media interface

Hiring your own Mercedes E-Class Convertible

With a streamlined aerodynamic exterior and plenty of features to improve safety the E-Class convertible really will have you enjoying the time of your life safety and securely. If you have a special occasion that requires a luxury car look no further than Individual Car Hire.


Arrange a free quote with Individual Car Hire today or contact us directly to discuss your car hire needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring every client query is satisfied 100%.


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