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Ferrari 458

Anyone who is anyone knows the Ferrari name. Whether that is to do with its link to formula one or its appreciation as a favourite vehicle among celebrities and the elite, there is definitely a reason for it. Ferrari is a brand to know and to love, it is the epitome of class, its cars are stylish and they perform unlike any other. The Ferrari 458 is no exception to this rule and here at Individual Car Hire we are proud to have this top range sports car available as part of our performance car hire range.

Ferrari 458 - Prestige for any occasion

The Ferrari 458 is instantly recognisable as a first class performance vehicle and will exude the style of class you want from a luxury vehicle. A relatively new performance car the 458 hit the market at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, but by no means call this machine a baby. Its standard specs measure it as being able to go from 0 to 62 in just 3.3 seconds. At the time of its initial design process its interiors were aided by input from a formula one superstar.


Needless to say this vehicle is one you want to be seen in and it is one that will really make you want to hit the road. This makes it the perfect addition to a special weekend away in order to make it all the more memorable or the best way to arrive in style at the wedding of your dreams. Some people ask for a horse and carriage, why not ask for a V8 engine that pumps out 125 horsepower per litre.

Key Features of the Ferrari 458

The handling of the Ferrari 458 is unrivalled with it feeling like it is listening to each and every impulse of the driver, responding to their input with lightning speed, yet being completely forgiving when it comes to the less experienced motorist.

Other key features of this performance vehicle include:
• 201 mph top speed
• lightweight aluminium chassis
• multi-link suspension
• Carbon fibre fade resistant brakes
• seven speed dual-clutch automated manual gear box

You can experience all of these impressive features within a beautiful, luxury interior designed with comfort in mind.

Ferrari 458 for your special occasion

Individual Car Hire has a car for every purpose and there really aren’t any limitations on the effect of this car. You can hire it to take your son or daughter to their school prom, drive your daughter to her wedding or even celebrate your wedding anniversary in style. The Ferrari 458 would make the perfect backdrop to any photo be it one your wedding photographer takes or one your partner sets up after you ask them to marry you.


The opportunities are endless but whatever you want the car for, its yours from Individual Car Hire. We can deliver this perfect performance vehicle straight to your door, no matter where that may be; Newcastle, Torquay or Devon, with chauffeur or without, anyway of the week.

Arrange a free quote with Individual Car Hire today or contact us directly to discuss your car hire needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring every client query is satisfied 100%.


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