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AEvery successful businessman or businesswoman has their sights set on the car that reflects their purpose when they start climbing that career ladder. So often the car takes form as a BMW due to the expectations put on the brand to deliver a safe, reliable, performance vehicle to fit that market, and others. The BMW M5 straddles the business market and the personal vehicle market well, lending itself to key needs in both brackets. It has the reliability, style and performance needed for a business vehicle and it also has the comfort and space that you need from a practical point of view when it comes to family and other personal needs. Individual Car Hire are proud to be able to supply you with the BMW M5 luxury salon for your car hire needs.

Performance and comfort from the BMW M5

The BMW M5 car comes from the M series of BMW vehicles, this series has a history of top quality performance and comes with a background in speed as it was originally sparked by a need to create a new racing vehicle for the brand. The M series has come a long way since then but all cars are still tested at the company’s private facility at the Nürburgring racing circuit in Germany and the makers still value the rev of their engines, even with the more domesticated vehicles.


From our depot in the Midlands a BMW M5 could be delivered safely to your door for any of your needs. Should you require a chauffeur this can be dealt with accordingly and you will be in the safest of hands when our driver escorts you to your event. The chauffeur driven BMW M5 lends itself kindly to conferences, business meetings and corporate events but the self-drive option allows for luxury on the romantic weekend away for your loved one or a perfect option for a series of business meetings away. The style of the BMW M5 also gives a touch of class to the bridesmaid’s delivery at a wedding or for the mother of the bride to arrive in style to her daughter’s big day.

BMW M5 - Key Features

When looking for prestige car hire the BMW M5 is the icing on the cake. It shouts of experience, success and a bit of wealth which is always handy when you want to impress a client or a potential business partner.

The key features of the vehicle have to be:
• Twin turbocharged V8 560hp petrol engine
• Unique combination of high performance and top class comfort
• M Series Double Clutch with Drivelogic
• BMW ConnectedDrive Active Protection System
• Rear wheeled seven speed dual clutch with automatic transmission

The performance offered by the BMW M5 is unrivalled and you will be at a loss to find anything like it you have experienced before, with its servotronic power steering and Brake Energy Recuperation, it really is a whole new level of BMW.

Hiring the BMW M5

If you want to experience this new level of BMW for your next corporate event, wedding or prom it can be yours from Individual Car Hire. We strive to deliver exactly what our customers want, when they want it, and can deliver to any location within the UK.


Arrange a free quote with Individual Car Hire today or contact us directly to discuss your car hire needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring every client query is satisfied 100%.


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